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Fueling innovation, developing empathy, and driving
customer centricity through rigorous scientific research.

Insight into human behavior is the fuel that drives innovation and creative problem solving. As such, studying and understanding target audiences through research is core to everything we do at Mad*Pow. Our research practices help find inspiration for new innovations, develop a deeper understanding of what motivates people, and helps to validate and pivot solutions through the design process.

Empathy at the Core of Everything We Do

Every audience and situation is unique. At Mad*Pow, we apply years of experience working on hundreds of research studies in healthcare, financial services, education, technology and other domains to ensure that we leverage the right combination of techniques and protocols to drive decision-making for content, design, motivational techniques, and technology decisions.

Turn-key Research Studies Augment Your Practice

Leveraging an external research perspective can help generate consensus and infuse customer-centered thinking. We often work with our clients with discrete research efforts to answer specific questions that can move initiatives forward.We can handle all aspects of the study: facilities & recruiting, collaboration on study guide creation, professional study moderation, and actionable recommendations in an easy-to-digest format for all interested project parties.

Our full-service lab in our Boston, MA office includes facilities for mobile testing, participatory design, eye tracking, and other services to ensure rigorous research.

Research-Inspired Design

Downtown Boston Location

madpow research lab

Sample Research & Testing Activites

Usability Studies

Direct monitoring of the experience of a solution to identify opportunities for improvement and inspire creative solutions.

Participatory Design

Collaborative workshopping with target audience members to build empathy and uncover how to deliver value.

Ethnography & Contextual Inquiry

Observation and learning about values, work patterns, implications of context, and emotional needs of audience members.

Desirability Studies

Structured research to determine if solutions will elicit the emotional response that is intended for a given brand or interface.

Eye Tracking

Following where people actually look and how they use things - we can test ads, mobile, desktop, and others.

Accessibility Evaluation

Evaluating a solution for accessibility best practices, section 508 requirements compliance, and general inclusion.


Our lab is handicap accessible and is located in downtown Boston with many public transportation options and easy access to parking. We have a flexible testing space with a comfortable observation room and a lounge-style waiting area. 

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