Partnering with teams to strengthen innovation and design capabilities.

Many organizations strive to be customer-centered but may lack the right skills, process, or organizational culture to make it happen. 

The Design Transformation team at Mad*Pow uses organizational design to help your team align people, resources, processes, technology, and environments to achieve your vision - whether adopting a new design practice or process, enhancing collaboration and teamwork, or harnessing creativity within the organization.

Organizing around your customer requires people and teams to change the way they interact and make decisions, which is itself a design challenge. To help you navigate through this challenge, we meet you where you are with practical guidance, strong partnership, and customized approaches to achieve your strategic goals with tangible results.

A Customized Roadmap toward your Vision

Transforming the way you work can be overwhelming when you don't know where to start.

Mad*Pow helps prioritize your efforts by assessing your current capabilities and approach - to identify the most promising opportunities for transformation. Then, we work together to develop a vision to evolve your practice with practical, actionable steps and guidance.

Our goal is to develop a clear plan of action that ensures progress and momentum towards a vision for customer-centricity.

Accelerating Change

Sometimes change efforts and initiatives stall out. Mad*Pow helps you move past previous constraints and resistance to change by working efficiently.

Using a co-creative approach, where teams have a role in designing their future, increases buy-in and support. Using smaller-scale "change experiments" allow us to quickly test and learn which approaches are most effective before rolling them out across teams and the larger organization.

Throughout our engagement, our coaching and facilitation expertise guides leaders through the stages from vision and alignment to testing and implementation.

“We bring a human-centered approach to organizational design – starting by understanding the strengths & needs of the organization & its people, collaboratively designing approaches to strengthen HCD and innovation practices, and testing and refining these new ways of working accordingly.”

Sample Design Transformation Activities

Opportunity assessment and planning:

We’ll look at your current process, capabilities, and organizational culture to guide teams on where to start.


Program and process design:

We’ll help your teams design their processes and approaches that support a culture of customer-centricity.

Skill development and training:

Learn to build your team’s capabilities through hands-on training and real-world practice.

Design operations support:

We’ll help create the right structures to scale your design practice, such as design systems, governance models, and success metrics.

Coaching and iteration:

We work directly with teams to assess their progress, build confidence, and course-adjust when needed.

Implementation support:

As a full-service design partner, we support your transformation through guidance and resource augmentation.