2023 Health Trends

2023 Health Trends Report

As we enter 2023, the US healthcare system is at a crisis point. While the fears of it collapsing under the burden of sick COVID patients never came to fruition, the system has emerged from the pandemic in an even more precarious state than when the pandemic started. The entire system is facing massive challenges on every front, from severe labor shortages, to supply chain issues, to record inflation, to increased patient demand, to clinician burnout. This winter, hospital systems are not only burdened by generally sicker patients from COVID-deferred care, but also an overwhelming number of patients with severe versions of  ‘normal’ illnesses. After two years of lockdowns, we are less able to fight off the flu, RSV, and other common diseases. Without swift, impactful work to address challenges, the threat of a rapid erosion in quality of care, if not an outright collapse of our healthcare system, remains strong. 

Despite the foreboding challenges on the horizon, there is also great reason for optimism. We know what the problems are. The pandemic taught us a myriad of lessons: the importance of public health; the capacity of our health systems; the impact of burnout on clinical staff; the lack of resiliency in our supply chains; the systemic racism in the healthcare system; and the disproportionate effect of disease on minority and low-income populations. We have the technology to solve many of these problems and many people who are passionately committed to doing so. We have also proven that true innovation can happen. During the pandemic, much of the healthcare system thought and acted like designers and innovators, proving how quickly it could react to large, complex problems. We must continue to act with that similar sense of urgency and willingness to collaborate now. There are many promising trends that, if their potential is fully realized, could substantially transform healthcare. 

Read the full report to get our take on the 5 biggest trends we are seeing, the sub-trends supporting them, key statistics, and examples of companies delivering on the trends. You’ll learn more about: 

Trend 1: Converging factors placing tremendous pressure on the healthcare system 

Trend 2: Healthcare Anywhere/Omnichannel: Leveraging technology & non-traditional players to transform care delivery 

Trend 3: Consumer-Driven Healthcare 

Trend 4: Implementing AI to solve key challenges 

Trend 5: Deepening focus on equity, accessibility & affordability 

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