Designing Science Communication

Designing Science Communication

How do we apply design thinking to science & risk communication, especially when audiences are conflicted and disagree on ideological world views? Mad*Pow's SVP of Experience Strategy & Service Design, Jen Briselli, published a two part series titled Designing Science Communication that provides a design strategy for this very challenge that proves more relevant than ever in 2020:

From the article:

I want to help the science community communicate better.

Why me? I’m a design strategist with a background in physics, education, rhetoric and design, and I’ve spent a lot of time straddling the interface between the scholars of communication research and the practitioners of science communication itself. My work at this intersection began, formally, as a thesis project during my graduate coursework in design at Carnegie Mellon University, (and informally even earlier— as a physics major who loved explaining physics to non-majors and for several years as a high school teacher).

Read the entire article on Jen's medium account.

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