Chronic Health Experience Map

Chronic Health Experience Map

This map represents a human-centered architecture of the health ecosystem for someone managing a chronic condition. It illustrates common health related events so designers and innovators can build empathy for the health seeker’s experiences at different points on their journey. Use this map to understand common paint points, ideate concepts or solutions, and to align around priorities. You can use our Mural template or print it at 36” x 40” to use during a design strategy or ideation session.

Chronic Health Experience Map In Workshop Use

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What is a Health Seeker?

A health seeker is someone who wants to be healthy, and may be aware of their own motivation to improve their health. Health seeking is the natural pursuit of personal well-being, which may be defined differently for each individual.

“What if someone isn’t a health seeker?”

A health seeking journey exists over a lifetime, and one’s encounters, experiences, and pursuit of well-being might change over time. This experience map depicts a continual process of health seeking behaviors over a lifetime, with no final state of achieving “health.”

“Why do we define someone as a health seeker?”

Understanding health seeking as a continuous life long process helps us take a care-centered design orientation that can span the needs of a patient, a professional, a customer, and beyond. This helps us define priorities for intervention, redesign, and innovation.