It’s My Life: Making Meaningful Choices


Dr. Amy Bucher, Mad*Pow's VP of Behavior Change Design, has a book titled "Engaged" coming out on March 3, 2020. An excerpt from this book was recently published on The theme of the section is:

"...being successful and effective behavioral practitioners while also, and primarily, being good. We want to build systems that use biases to bring out our best, not ones that take advantage of biases to make us worse. Throughout her book, Dr. Bucher presents a business case for long term thinking in the best interests of the user. For connecting to purpose and meaning and a deeper understanding of human motivation. For avoiding what the behavioral community calls “sludge." I am, as the kids say, here for it."

Read the entire excerpt at

Pre-order engaged before March 3rd.

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Amy Bucher
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VP, Behavior Change Design