How Can Research Deliver Actionable Results and Tangible Recommendations?
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I’m frequently asked, “What’s so special about research? We know our customers.”

Before politely replying, “Nonsense,” I take a deep breath and wonder where to start.

Because research is all about understanding people: Whether conducting in-depth interviews to inform strategic thinking, or a usability study to validate a design, rigorous research informs all aspects of design. Successful design research is part artful execution, informed by experience, and part science. Every business and audience is unique.

Insight into behavior is the fuel that drives innovation and creative problem solving. Whether seeking inspiration for new ideas, a deeper understanding of what motivates an audience, or validation that a new concept will provide value, design research will provide actionable insights to guide decision-making.

Given the very breadth of human nature and the challenges presented, here at Mad*Pow we rely on a combination of human-centered design techniques, behavioral data and analytics, rigorous scientific method, and an extensive background with the psychology of human factors to get at the core values and triggers that drive attitudes and behaviors.

While we conduct much of our research in the digital space, we recognize that digital experiences don’t live in a vacuum. Understanding the entirety of an audience experience is key to envisioning new experiences and refining usability of any one touch-point.

And that’s what I’m looking for through research – actionable results; tangible recommendations that align audience needs with business goals.

That’s pretty special.

Contributed by
Dan Berlin
Job Title
VP, Experience Research