Experience Innovation

Innovation isn't just thinking outside the box. To develop unique experiences that thrill customers, we embrace a systematic approach fueled by deep empathy and an understanding of behavior, directly aligned with business goals, and hyper-aware of organizational dynamics.

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We Help Organizations Create:

Research inspires a human-centric mindset and fuels creative thinking
Narratives, concepts, journeys, and roadmaps create the vision that propels teams
Strong connection with business strategy assures experience strategy supports overall goals
Thoughtful consideration of culture and systems ensures vision can become a reality

Experience Innovation At Mad*Pow

To excel today, organizations realize they need to deliver highly differentiated, human-centric experiences. They need to think of the full lifecycle of a person's experience, consider all of the touchpoints a person might have related to it, and constantly look for new ways to deliver value.

Proposed solutions need to be unique and well designed, but also must recognize expectations and emotional needs. Organizations also realize no design decision can be isolated from the impact it will have on people, infrastructure, policy, and culture. Not an easy task. 

A systematic approach helps. We help organizations align business strategy with experience strategy by creating a path that puts empathy and understanding of people’s behaviors at the core of operations. Human-centered design activities help identify what motivates your target audience, what they desire, and what should happen next in their journey. These insights fuel creative, design-thinking approaches that allow us to collectively envision new, delightful, and exciting experiences.

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Experience Innovation Approach

Our approach to experience innovation balances divergent thinking to inspire new ideas, and convergent activities to focus teams toward common vision and action.

Experience Innovation Approach Schematic