Behavior Change

Changing real world behaviors is central to addressing the key challenges facing both society and business. We leverage behavior science and motivational psychology to help people achieve greater health and wellness, financial wellbeing, education, and sustainability.

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We Help Organizations Design For:

Effective Engagement
To ensure just the right dose, exposure, and cadence of interventions to achieve results
To overcome barriers to awareness and attention, interest, intentions, and follow-through
Behavior Change
Identifying target behaviors for change, and techniques to shift behaviors to desired patterns
Testing ensures efficacy of implementation, reach, adoption, retention, and overall outcomes

Behavior Change At Mad*Pow

Behavior Change Design integrates a broad set of practices based on behavioral, organizational, and decision science; motivational psychology; population health; and human-centered design. We identify and address root causes to complex problems affecting individual and societal wellbeing.

Leveraging an in-depth understanding of the principles of motivation, we work with organizations to identify target behaviors for change, uncover their underlying modifiable determinants, and draw on techniques best suited to shift behaviors into new patterns.

We partner with forward-looking health systems, insurers, pharma, biotech, government agencies, and health-tech providers to address problems associated with disease prevention, condition management, care-seeking, and treatment adherence.

Financial Wellbeing
Let’s live in a world where all people have the opportunity and ability to improve their financial lives. We partner with brave institutions to re-imagine existing products and inspire new ideas for financial offerings and services that can help people learn more, spend less, invest in their futures, and manage financial risks.

Education and Development
Successful learning, whether individual or organizational, is not just about good content and well-executed delivery, it’s also about facilitating quality motivation and the transfer of knowledge and skills into real-world behaviors. We work with organizations to build educational products that maximize learning, engagement, and transfer.

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Behavior Change Design Approach

Our approach to designing for change is:
CollaborativeEvidence-Based. Person-Centered. Outcomes-Focused

Behavior Change Design Approach Schematic