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Mad*Pow July Workshop Series: Navigating Organizational Disruption and Transformation
August 05, 2020
Online, 10am-12pm ET

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Over the last few months, our actions and decisions have never felt more critical to “get right” – whether it’s determining how to rapidly shift priorities and roadmaps, establishing new remote work practices, or simply feeling overwhelmed and unsure of the path forward. To that end, organizations – as well as leaders and employees – have been pushed to respond to huge challenges and establish new strategies without having the full picture or precedents to follow. So how do we navigate this new territory?

Through Mad*Pow’s Design Transformation practice, we’ve worked on similar challenges – from developing new ways of working to complete reorganization efforts – and have learned a lot about what it takes to be effective during times of intense change and crisis.

Hear from Lindsey Messervy, Sr. Organizational Designer at Mad*Pow to:

  • Understand why your typical problem-solving approaches may not work in these complex situations
  • Learn principles for designing for emergence to help you effectively navigate complex, dynamic, and ever-shifting challenges
  • Reflect on and adapt your current plan of action based on these principles
Lindsey Messervy
Job Title
Director, Organizational Design & Strategy