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Mad*Pow Webinar: Experience Research Report: Financial Services, 2020 Behavior Check-in
July 01, 2020
Online, 12-1pm ET

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How have behaviors and attitudes towards banking and investment experiences changed as a result of the COVID crisis? How have attitudes towards digital and physical experiences been impacted? Mad*Pow Experience Researcher, Jen Siegel recently performed a study to check-in on how consumers attitudes may influence future behavior as a result of COVID. Jen will present these findings with Mike Kirkpatrick, head of Mad*Pow’s Financial Services Practice to share what was discovered, and what Mad*Pow thinks it might mean in terms of potential long-term impact on experience trends and customer expectations.

Michael Kirkpatrick
Job Title
EVP, Client Experience & Strategy. Head of Accounts. Financial Services Practice Lead
Jen Siegel
Job Title
Experience Researcher