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Mad*Pow July Workshop Series: Introduction to Behavior Change Design
July 08, 2020
Online, 10am-12pm ET

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Human behavior is a central component to nearly all challenges organizations and teams are looking to solve. Whether our goals are to improve the health, wealth, and wellbeing of others, or to improve business metrics like adoption, engagement, revenue, or team performance - someone, somewhere, needs to do something, for our objectives to be met. Understanding who needs to do what, for desired outcomes to occur, and what underlying factors influence behavior is the first vital (and often overlooked) step in the behavior change design process. Only then can targeted strategies be developed to effectively change behaviors and reach our goals.

Participants in this workshop will learn:

  • The phases and key steps in behavior change design, from diagnosing a problem to evaluating outcomes
  • Behavioral and social science frameworks and tools to help simplify complexity (without over simplifying!)
  • How to create an outcomes map to establish, monitor, and measure impact, mid- and short-term outcomes
  • How to conduct a behavioral diagnosis to identify who needs to do what to achieve established outcome goals
  • How to conduct a factor analysis to identify what needs to shift for behaviors to occur
  • How to identify broad intervention strategies that target underlying barriers and facilitators to change


Dustin DiTommaso
Job Title
SVP, Behavior Change Design