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Mad*Pow July Workshop Series: Experience Research 101
July 29, 2020
Online, 10am-12pm ET

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The only way you will truly learn about your users, members, patients, or customers is by talking and interacting with them.

The greatest innovations are the ones that seem to fit seamlessly into people's lives, meeting their needs, adding value, and making things easier. Coming up with new ideas for products and services is easy, but designing ones that fit in this way is trickier.

To truly understand and empathize with your audiences, you need to take the time to really learn about them – not just what they do, but why they do it. Through targeted experience research, you can inform the design and decision making that goes into your creations with user-focused data.

And the great thing about user experience research is that anyone can do it!

Experience research helps to uncover users’ unmet needs by:

  • Asking the right questions of users at the right time in the design lifecycle
  • Learning not only if a product is intuitive and usable, but also if it would be useful to potential users
  • Triangulating on unmet needs through the use of different research methods

Conducting experience research & getting users’ input early in the design process can save costs of having to redesign later when the design does not align with user's expectations. Through qualitative interrogatory, experience research aims to learn about users’ core behaviors so that designers can anticipate users’ need and create an intuitive and useful product or service.

In this workshop you will learn...

  • Best practices for clarifying your research goals to make sure that you focus on the right problems
  • Several methods for initial information gathering, including: ethnography, interviews, diary studies, collaging, and focus groups
  • How to navigate the different types of UX research available and choose the right one(s) for your project
  • How to facilitate meaningful sessions, build rapport, instill trust, and stay neutral and accepting while conducting research and collecting useful data
  • How to capture and analyze qualitative data in an efficient and effective manner
Dan Berlin
Job Title
SVP, Experience Research & Experience Ops Coordinator