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Mad*Pow July Workshop Series: Accessibility for Design & Content Strategy
July 22, 2020
Online, 10am-12pm ET

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Mad*Pow is offering a two hour accessibility workshop for people who design digital products and services. Through a mix of presentations and participatory activities attendees will learn and practice the skills needed to ensure digital sites and services meet the needs of a real-world diverse audience.

Design and content teams have nearly universally embraced user experience, which is wonderful news for their audiences! Unfortunately, too many still lack the knowledge or ability to create accessible, inclusive designs. That means the final experiences are great for some people, but not all.

Standards and guidelines exist, but they can be complicated and long winded. Join us to move past the legalese. You will participate in activities that give you tools to improve your UX work.

This workshop is valuable for any UX designer, content strategist, product manager, or anyone else with an impact on design decision making.

By the end of the workshop, participants will

  • Understand the various levels of accessibility
  • Gain a working knowledge of the legal and regulatory frameworks that define and enforce digital accessibility
  • Practice how to identify and categorize accessibility problems — so you can fix them
  • Plan and prepare accessible design and content, before it gets to your users.
Marli Mesibov
Job Title
VP, Content Strategy
James Christie
Job Title
Principal, Experience Design