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Mad*Pow Webinar: The Brave New World of Service Design
May 27, 2020
Online, 12pm ET

Hear from Mad*Pow Experience Strategist, Liz Possee Corthell, as she explores the question how we can design for a future we can barely see?

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Even before we had a name for it, humanity faced several moments in history when a crisis threatened collapse and decline, and humans responded through service design. These moments are sometimes referred to as “collapse scenarios,” by those who study futures and strategic foresight, and this webinar will ask what we can apply from past lessons to current challenges.

As we find ourselves in the midst of another collapse scenario -- the global COVID-19 pandemic -- we'll also look at the world around us, and how businesses are currently using service design to respond to the challenges we’re facing now.

Then, we’ll look into the future, to consider how we might proactively apply service design to create solutions for future challenges. You'll gain a better understanding of how you can best use your design skills and your cognitive type to better anticipate -- and design for -- the possible, probable, and preferable futures. How have we overcome collapse scenarios in the past? How are we doing it today? And, how might we do it even better in the future? 

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Liz Possee Corthell
Job Title
Experience Strategist