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Workshop: Uncovering Unmet Needs Through Experience Research
November 07, 2019
Boston, MA

The only way you will truly learn about your users, members, patients, or customers is by talking and interacting with them. Hear from from Dan Berlin, Mad*Pow's SVP of Experience Research on how to truly understand and empathize with your audiences.

In this workshop, you will learn…

  • Best practices for clarifying your research goals to make sure that you focus on the right problems
  • Several methods for initial information gathering, including ethnography, interviews, diary studies, collaging, and focus groups
  • How to navigate the different types of UX research available and choose the right one(s) for your project
  • Facilitate meaningful sessions, build rapport, instill trust, and stay neutral and accepting while conducting research and collecting useful data
  • How to capture and analyze qualitative data in an efficient and effective manner

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Dan Berlin
Job Title
SVP, Experience Research
Thanh Nguyen
Job Title
Experience Research Director