WEX Inc. Gains 58% Increase in Organic Traffic From New Website

WEX Inc. is in the business of simplifying complex payment systems–and they're growing fast. But as they expanded into new markets, creating a single unified web presence became a challenge. They needed a new site, with better organic traffic as a key metric.

  • Organic search traffic increased by 58% six months post-launch
  • Mobile traffic up 137%
  • Product page traffic up 86%
  • Blog post traffic up 95%
  • Reduced webpage count by 49%

Mad*Pow worked with WEX to bring seemingly disparate web properties together to tell a cohesive story. The new site increases brand awareness and organic traffic—with guides and tools to keep it going.

The Process: One Website, One Voice

WEX's offerings include corporate payment solutions, healthcare benefit account services, and fleet fuel cards, analytics, and management solutions for fleets. Wexinc.com needed to communicate clearly about each product. It needed to connect with a wide range of specific audience segments from different business verticals. And it needed to achieve all of this from a single web presence. So challenge #1 was to tell a cohesive and visually compelling story across WEX businesses.

Challenge #2 was to design and build a website that's easy for diverse audiences to navigate and use. WEX brought more businesses and web properties into the fold. This meant their website needed to speak to–and resonate with–a wide range of users.

Challenge #3 was to increase brand awareness and organic traffic. WEX was focused on achieving high levels of engagement and measurable results. That put SEO at top of mind. Some of their web properties had worked hard to improve search and rankings. Our team took care to migrate these sites without losing the search ranking authority they had already built.

Challenge #4 was to simplify content in order to increase usability and streamline content maintenance. In addition to designing a killer new information architecture, Mad*Pow needed to rework all site content. They also needed to create content templates and web content guidelines. These new tools also set the WEX team up to maintain the new IA in the future. Meanwhile, the guidelines will help WEX continue to create user-centric content.

From the Ground Up

The user's viewpoint was critical to the success of the new website. Mad*Pow started by conducting extensive internal stakeholder interviews. In addition, they led five sets of user interviews for each of WEX's lines of business. Our content team rewrote all content and completely redesigned the IA. The UX design, visual design, and development teams designed and engineered the site from the ground up.

The Result: A Cohesive Website and Better Organic Traffic

The team partnered with WEX for more than a year. They united WEX stakeholders from different parts of the company around shared goals. The result? A beautiful, streamlined, easy-to-navigate website that's user-centric and optimized for mobile. And a satisfied client with tools in hand to maintain and build the site as their business evolves.