Driving Omni-Channel Transformation for USAA

USAA hired Mad*Pow for a multi-project, omnichannel design project. USAA needed to modernize the process of buying insurance products. Mad*Pow was here to create a new process. Mad*Pows objectives included:

1. Improve the customer experience
2. Maximize the use of digital
3. Help members get insurance easily and with confidence

Mad*Pow also designed tools specifically for member service representatives (MSRs). By maximizing efficiencies and saving operational expense, USAA was able to focus more on the member.

Understanding the Psychology of Insurance

Consumers have many challenges when buying insurance. A primary challenge Mad*Pow found is that most customers don’t understand the details of a policy. What's more, they don’t want to.

Insurance is an abstract concept. Our brains are not wired to assess risk, a phenomenon known as the Optimism Bias. Understanding this was crucial in designing customer experiences that educate as they move the consumer forward.

USAA Workshop


The Process: Omnichannel Design Exploration

Mad*Pow began with a series of strategic workshops with USAA stakeholders. The workshops gave the teams time to explore many different ideas for improving the experience. At the same time they dove deeply into specific user flows, getting quick alignment on new ideas.

Next, Mad*Pow took a deep dive into the insurance buying experience. The team looked at all major competitors such as AllState and GEICO. But they also looked at the new entrants, like Lemonade and Hippo. After all, it was time to disrupt the marketplace.

They learned from members as well. Mad*Pow led dozens of member interviews, watched members online, and listened to help desk calls. All of this built a deep understanding of what members do. It also spurred to team to think about future opportunities.

Some key findings included:

  • Renters insurance is cheaper than people realize
  • Homeowners insurance is very price-driven
  • There’s a sweet spot for how many questions to ask in an insurance application
  • People are more motivated to protect the feelings their possessions offer than the objects themselves

Mad*Pow learned from USAA product experts as well as the members. This knowledge allowed the team to move into the design phase with confidence.

The Results: An Omnichannel Design for Insurance

Mad*Pow created a consistent design approach across the USAA product suite. Most importantly, the designs met consumer needs. Shortly after the project, the designs were developed.

The new experience helps military members and their families get proper coverage. It's all part of USAA's mission to protect the member.

Key Services

  • Research and Testing: Researchers were in the mix from customer interview to ongoing design validation.
  • Behavior Change Design: Mad*Pow's team analyzed the buying mindsets of the member. They then developed an appropriate design strategy.
  • Experience Design: The team crafted an omnichannel design with a contemporary feel.
  • Content Strategy: The right voice and tone meant replacing jargon with plain language. The emphasis on omnichannel meant special attention to one voice across all channels.