Rich Woodall

Rich Woodall

Senior Visual Experience Designer & Illustrator

The first time he picked up a pencil, Rich discovered he loved to draw! Thankfully he’s evolved from doodling tanks on the back of test papers to designing user experiences for you. (Don’t get us wrong, though. Rich still loves to draw tanks!)

Rich comes to Mad*Pow with 18 years of graphic design and illustration experience. A month after he graduated from high school, he was plucked up by Fruit of the Loom’s Sports and Licensing Division. He honed his illustration skills there, learning from an amazing group of illustrators. Next, he signed on as an Art Director for Logotel, overseeing designs for its apparel lines, including Dr. Seuss, South Park, The Three Stooges, and the WCW.

In 2000, Rich heard the siren song of the Internet and changed career paths from licensed apparel to web design. He spent the next 12 years at PixelMEDIA as a two time MITX award-winning lead designer on projects across multiple mediums, including web sites, mobile sites, mobile apps, user interface design, print collateral, and product and services demonstrations. He’s very excited about where technology will take him creatively and is looking forward to designing for that next generation experience!

Rich’s other passion is creating comic books. He’s co-created several indy hits: Johnny Raygun, Zombie Bomb, and most recently Kyrra: Alien Jungle Girl, for Dark Horse comics. He has done work for Image, Dark Horse, Marvel and DC comics, and is currently writing and illustrating a WWII Horror comic: Sgt. Werewolf, and a fun comic strip, The Goblin Scouts of Lake Umbagog.

When he’s not designing or drawing (and he’s ALWAYS designing or drawing something), he loves to hang out with his wife, Melissa, and their children Alex and Rebekah.

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