Priyama Barua

Priyama Barua

Experience Strategy Director

In what other field does being a jack of all trades actually work out in your favor? Priyama is part designer, part visualizer, part behavior analyst, part researcher, part strategist, and full-time believer that things can always work better than they do in this current moment.

Priyama loves design because it’s the most challenging thing she’s ever encountered-- always evolving, and rarely a clear-cut answer. She is passionate about building more bridges between design and business. Such as adding value to design by measuring impact on business more accurately, and getting people aligned on innovative thinking and doing.

Priyama came to Mad*Pow after obtaining her masters in Design Management from the University of Bridgeport, and her undergrad in Mumbai, India. As if that’s not enough, she even founded her own company, Matchstix, in India which provided research and strategy work to clients.

Outside of the typical 9-5, you can find Priyama exploring every corner of Boston through music, art, film, theater, and yoga, and spending quality time with her nephews.

Examples of Priyama's Work

  • Transforming the Patient and Family Experience at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital: Researcher and strategist involved in gaining an in-depth understanding of what children and families go through as they cope with acute and chronic conditions.
  • MPACT: Creating a Framework to Promote Behavior-based Design: Creator of MPACT — a tool that has transformed an intangible, static and deprioritized service design process into an easily understood, intuitive, and visually impactful framework of representing customers as behavior-based personas.
  • Yielding Powerful Insights Through Relationship Mapping:  Involved in understanding relationships between different players in an ecosystem using a collaborative tool – Relationship Mapping — to capture powerful stories.
  • Why it’s Important to Design for “Newcomers”: Presented this topic at UXPA Boston’s monthly meeting. This talk covers the unique challenges faced by people coming to America for the very first time, and that if we design effectively for them, it can help make the experience better for ALL users.
  • Service Design Jam: Planned and hosted a unique hackathon-like event to introduce people to service design methodologies while they solve a real-world problem.

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