Liz Possee Corthell

Liz Possee Corthell

Senior Experience Strategist

 “My favorite moment in design is the moment right before synthesis, when you have a huge pile of research, quotes, observations, touch points, etc., all waiting to be turned into something magical. It’s an intimidating part of the process, but there’s nothing I love more than a huge mess of post-it notes and sketches ready to become real.” - Liz Possee Corthell, Senior Experience Strategist

Liz is passionate about making the world a better place through good design and strategic foresight. After taking all the dystopian literature classes she could at the University of Massachusetts she realized she wanted to ensure these dystopian futures did NOT come to fruition. So she began by studying environmental design and social sustainability, then moved on to earn her MFA in Industrial Design at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). While at SCAD, Liz worked on a wide range of projects from redesigning a wheelchair, to designing a health app for postpartum mothers. For her MFA project, she created an empathy toolkit that allows designers to better communicate with users dealing with mental illness. 

 Over the last several years at Mad*Pow, Liz has worked with clients across industries to envision what the future of healthcare, wellbeing, and employee experience could be. Through research, service design, workshop facilitation, and strategic foresight, particularly in healthcare, Liz builds tools and processes that help leaders realize what their preferred futures could be and how we might get there. Her career thus far includes an enviable client list: HP, Disney, Snap-On, FedEx, Intel, Whirlpool, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Atrius Health, Humana, Novo Nordisk and Genentech.

Recently, Liz completed the Foresight Scouts course and certificate, and Foresight Certification from the Center of Futures Intelligence and Research (CFAR) from Tamkang Unviersity for completion of Dr. Sohail Inayatullah's 'Become A Futurist Course.’ She has also been awarded Next Generation Foresight Practitioner Community Award for the 2021 Fellowship year.

As a passionate creator, Liz loves all crafting projects, especially those that involve fabric, felt, thread, or yarn. She often showcases her beautiful, knitted creations on our monthly Creative*Pow compendium. You can find Liz at home with her husband and cat, Hamilton, or on her roller skates exploring the city, rail trails, and park on eight wheels. She loves to go to art museums and touring historic houses – giving her a unique perspective into the way people think and solve creative problems. Like when Liz placed second in the 2020 Mad*Pow Pumpkin Carving and costume contests! 

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