Lis Pardi

Lis Pardi

Director, Experience Design

No surprise to us that Lis’ route to Experience Design Director at Mad*Pow included a five-year stint managing a toy store. She learned to empathize with parents and kids to find the perfect toy, and realized that paved the way to a Master’s degree in Library Science. After all, isn’t finding the perfect book a logical step from the perfect toy? Thus, to user experience and usability studies; helping make information easier to find on a large scale.

With her Master’s from Simmons College under her belt (and a BS in Telecommunications Management from Ithaca College), Lis applied, and grew, her talents at the Boston Globe, Linden Lab, EBSCO Information Services, and Digitas Health. Along the way she determined the coolest thing about her work is having teams of disparate people understand that accessibility is not an afterthought.

She’s an active speaker at conferences and universities, and among her collection of publications is the Time magazine article about her floppy disk research, including her advocacy that an icon for “Save” should be a represented by the now-bypassed industry storage standard.

When she’s not working, she is constantly exploring unique and arcane exhibits (think dioramas of cats depicting Civil War battles), as well as historic bizarre incidents (think Boston’s Great Molasses Flood). Lately, she’s been most taken by Joshua Abraham Norton, Emperor of the United States, Protector of Mexico.

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