Kate McCracken

Kate McCracken

Senior Experience Designer

Kate fell in love with research and design in graduate school, where they earned a Master of Product Design. While working with UNC Hospital, Kate contributed to the redesign of a medical bassinet for C-Section parents. This introduction to grounded theory research, inclusive design, and the support of birthing parents and babies still lights her up today.

Kate's open-minded and adventurous spirit stems from her background as an artist, having earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts focused on graphic design, performance art, new media studies, and painting. Since then, Kate has led research nationally and internationally for cross-functional teams in technology, finance, insurance, social and medical services for digital products, with a specific interest in gamification and designing for accessibility and engagement.

As a self-proclaimed "nature freak," Kate loves hiking and experiencing the natural world – from gardening, foraging, and anything that involves exploring the wild. 

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