Jillian Collins Leece

Jillian Collins

Senior Project Manager

A high-achieving strategic thinker, Jillian is well versed in project management and training, experienced in social media management, a master at organization, and a continuous self-educator and enthusiastic fast-learner.
A passion for Design has run in Jillian’s family for generations – her grandmother and father passed their creativity and problem-solving skills along to Jillian at a young age. In high school, Jillian took every graphic design course available, including an independent study in graphic design. She even did work using an offset printing press. When deciding to pursue a career, Jillian combined that creative side with her analytical skills and has been thriving in the project management sector for over a decade. 
Jillian is on a mission to climb all 48 of NH’s 4,000-foot mountains. So far, she’s knocked down 30 of them, with Mount Washington being the 2nd one she attempted! Gibson, her Australian Shepard, loves to join her on her adventures. Jillian is always up for a challenge inside and outside the kitchen - when she’s not out exploring the wilds of NH, she is trying out new recipes and baking up a storm.

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