Jesse Strawbridge

Jesse Strawbridge

Business Development Director

Jesse isn’t a designer; he’s our kind of business development guy. He finds people who need things designed or redesigned and he introduces them to the right people at Mad*Pow. That takes a distinct talent to meet people, hear their motivations, challenges, and personal passions, and try to help them.

He’s marveled at some of the things he’s seen in the design world. Like Virginia Tech's college campus designed without pathways. They paved paths once the students themselves determined the most natural ways to get around and had worn their own paths into the grass.

After earning a liberal arts degree as an English major, Jesse gravitated to the creative and design industry because of his appreciation of beautiful things, the words used to describe them, and the people who create them. He has helped build several brand strategy and creative agencies including Crunch, Partners+simons, and Forge before joining us at Mad*Pow.

Oh, and along the way he decided to train for the Chicago Marathon…and complete it. When he wasn’t sitting around a fire with friends, listening to Lightnin’ Hopkins. Or Led Zeppelin. Or Alabama Shakes. Or A Tribe Called Quest. You get the idea.