Jen Briselli

Jen Briselli

SVP, Experience Strategy & Service Design

Jen has an insatiable curiosity and passion for science, education, and empowering people through design. She considers herself an enabler more than a problem solver, because she dislikes framing every design opportunity as a problem to be solved. Her design philosophy is less about solving people's problems for them, and more about building the tools, environments, and circumstances that enable people to improve their own lives. At Mad*Pow, she does just that as the SVP, Experience Strategy & Design.

Prior to joining Mad*Pow, Jen designed tools that helped customers redefine education at Blackboard, and created intuitive and enriching interactive experiences for clients at Isobar. But even before “designer” was included in her title, she spent several years as a physics teacher designing learning experiences and later working on the challenge of applying human-centered design thinking to science communication. Fortunately for us, this led her to explore experience design, design strategy, and service design at Carnegie Mellon University, where she graduated with a MDes in Communication Planning and Information Design. And by the way, her MDes is her third degree; she also has her BA in Physics from the same university and her MS in Education from Walden University.

When she’s not designing meaningful experiences for Mad*Pow clients or trying to reshape the entire education ecosystem; you can find her baking vegan cookies, playing ice hockey, or seeing bands who play loud music with unintelligible lyrics. Oh, and did we mention Jen also teaches service design and strategy at MassArt?

Learn more about Jen in this 2018 Health Experience Design Conference Interview by Patient Orator.

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