Emily Treat Czar

Emily Treat Czar

Experience Strategy Director

Emily has been designing interactive games for a range of publishers for more than a decade, including executive producing the Half the Sky Movement games portfolio, which included a 33-part Facebook game, three Java phone games, and a series of 20 mobile game apps. Oh, that was among a network of global partners, and traveling the globe to oversee the design, testing, and evaluation. She brings clients that background, plus an eagerness to explore new intersections of technology and UX because she has seen how interactive experiences can transform lives.

As an undergraduate art student at Carnegie Mellon University, she obtained a coveted spot in Randy Paush’s Building Virtual Worlds graduate course, which spurred her passion to work on projects that can transform communities as well as individuals. She continued at Carnegie Mellon to earn a Master’s of Entertainment Technology, then stops at Games for Change, Kaplan International, and Leapfrog.

If she had spare time, she’d like to find a magic wand to transform public education through introduction of common digital tools and rotating specialized teachers into struggling schools, along with introducing digitized interactive content as supplemental curriculum.

While awaiting that transformation, she’s starting at the lower end, teaching her young nephew to create large-scale paintings. Most recently a shark circus. She claims that was his idea. We’ll never know.

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