Eleni Stathoulis

Eleni Stathoulis

Director, Design

Eleni’s honesty and thoughtfulness make her a go-to for clients and colleagues alike. An experienced creative director, Eleni has become a trusted partner for clients in industries such as higher education, consumer, travel, and health care, among others. 

Eleni started out as a biology major, but she stayed true to her creative self and switched to graphic design. “Design is often underestimated, but it’s everywhere,” she says. Eleni takes her role seriously, balancing look and feel, function, and the human element on the other side of a digital experience. We think that comes through loud and clear in her work! Eleni has created digital experiences for clients such as Cornell University, Pearson Education, Safeway Supermarkets and Sperry Top-Sider among others. Before landing at Mad*Pow, Eleni served as the creative director at OHO Interactive leading design and content strategy.

To recharge, Eleni likes to go analogue. You can find her in pottery class, where she enjoys the process of taking mud and turning it into something useful. She appreciates old things, giving tired furniture new life, and she enjoys cooking and spending time near the water.

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