Eirene Wang

Eirene Wang

Senior Experience Researcher

For someone who describes herself as “inquisitive, thoughtful, and curious,” it’s no surprise that Eirene has made learning an integral part her life. Whether it’s learning about design, research, behavioral science, or new foods, languages and places, Eirene believes that this depth of diverse knowledge gives her a unique perspective. And that perspective helps her create new and innovative solutions for her clients.  

For Eirene, the best part of her job is collaborating with partners and clients to come up with novel, fresh and exciting ideas. She loves that “aha” moment when clients see the value of the process of ideation and prototyping that leads to a great solution. 

Outside of work, Eirene loves to try out new recipes (her current goal is to sample one new vegetable a month!), reading graphic novels and practicing amateur photography. She is proficient in 7 languages, including French, Spanish, Russian, Italian and Swahili.

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