Dave Moll

Dave Moll

Director, Visual Experience Design

Dave’s attention to detail is what makes him great at visual experience design and saving lives. Yes, you read that correctly. In 2004, he was presented with the Extraordinary Personal Action Award from the Red Cross for saving a life on Salisbury beach.

It’s no surprise that Dave’s not fearful of deep waters. In fact, the ocean serves as a major source of creative inspiration for him. Further fueling his creative spirit are interests in photography, music, street art and, lucky for us, graphic design.

He’s a visual experience designer and passionate about interactive design and the human-focused approach to design. With a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from the New England Institute of Art, he began his career with companies like PUMA, EPS Communications, and doing freelance work for Aloft Group.

When he’s not busy saving lives or creating awesome designs, you can find Dave surfing the coast of New England, hiking, playing guitar, or spending time with his family.

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