Dana Ortegón

Dana Ortegón

Senior Content Strategist

"Dana" noun pronunciation: (Dan-Ah)

Definition: An individual who's extremely skilled and passionate about translating complicated medical/health content into plain language, and simplifying complex concepts.

After more than two decades as a professional wordsmith, Dana is hard pressed to think of a writing venue she hasn’t experienced. She started out writing about New York City lifestyle, food, and fashion trends for a Tokyo-based retail trade publication. From there, she “crossed the aisle” to write for Consumer Reports for Kids. In the mid-90’s, she joined Thunder House, a small interactive marketing shop, and added “content strategy and management” to her job title.

Plain language/readability and health and financial literacy are Dana’s not-so-secret passions. And she also loves helping clients figure out the what’s, why’s, when’s, and how’s that make their content work harder and smarter.

When Dana isn’t waving her magic wand at sentences, she can be found huddled in the Bat Cave hammering out personas, exploring user journeys, and pondering the intricacies of behavior change. In other words, collaborating with the smartest coworkers on the planet! This ex-Midwesterner loves dogs, horses, crossword puzzles, pop culture, and her kids. (Not in that order, of course!)

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