Crystal Rome

Crystal Rome

Senior Organizational Designer

Crystal is a collaborative, experimental, and transdisciplinary design strategist with systems thinking and behavioral/cognitive psychology expertise. She has a strong background in the healthcare, education, and public sectors and is skilled in User Research, Experience Design, Visual Thinking, Workshop Design & Facilitation.

She initially pursued the field of archaeology – she has always been fascinated by what drives an individual’s choices, how these decisions show up as artifacts, and how generations layer on top of each other to shape our current reality. So, her transition to earning a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Collaborative Design from Pacific Northwest College of Art just made sense. Now she uses systems thinking and design methodologies to cultivate an entrepreneurial and critical approach to address the emerging challenges of the 21st century.

Crystal is a “lover of mundane adventures” – enjoying an eccentric combination of thrifting, tinkering, hiking, foraging, making art, and inventing. She plays the accordion, has been restoring a 200-year-old cabin with her father, and occasionally dresses up as Weird Al Yankovic.

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