Conrad Fullbrook

Conrad Fullbrook

Senior Designer

Conrad loves working with clients at the intersection of strategy, graphic, and experience design. Whether he’s teaching design or doing design, he seeks to “find a groove with others to create new forms, new ways of being, and new possibilities.” Conrad comes to Mad*Pow from MIT, Mobi, and Fidelity Labs. He also taught graphic, web and product design at RISD, Lesley, and MassArt.

Conrad grew up in London, across the road from the Central St. Martins art school in the 1990s, “kind of a suggestive mystical beckoning presence that was exhilarating to dream of becoming part of.” These days, he thinks of his work as a way to contribute “truly human, culturally rich experiences that make a difference in peoples’ lives.”

Conrad’s favorite moment in design is when the team reimagines something “in a way that’s not only more ‘right’ within the scope of the solution, but which unleashes a palpable halo effect of ‘rightness’ that tends to animate the team and those who come into contact with it.”

Conrad is an extreme audiophile, but he has yet to sell his daughter on music beyond “Baa Baa Black Sheep’ and the Chinese version of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” Sounds like a long-term project to us.

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