Chad Moore

Chad Moore

Senior Project Manager

Mad*Pow’s Senior Project Manager, Chad, came to us from Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment and Sony Computer Entertainment America where he led the charge to understand and utilize UX principles and practices for internal tools.

Chad started his career as an animator, and his frustration for animation technology is what led him to learn more about how he could improve it to make it easier and better for the people who use it. Since then, he found that he works best in the intersection of art/design and technology. His sweet spot is working with technologists and designers to make the technology and design seem invisible or natural to the people it serves.

When Chad isn’t helping save hundreds of hours of development by creating a best-in-class toolset for non-technical users (he’s done that once or twice), or breaking down complex terminology to make projects run as smooth as possible, he is hanging out with his kids and family, and enjoying story telling of all kinds including, books, film, TV, and the spoken word.

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