Brady Bonus

Brady Bonus

SVP, Experience Design

Since first arriving at Mad*Pow in 2010 Brady has been delighting clients with his approachable style, his hands-on approach, and his intense drive to deliver achievable yet innovative designs. Brady continues to be an ideal partner to our clients, constantly driven to build great solutions and exceed expectations.

This Mad*Pow veteran spent his youth drawing all the time, reading Mad Magazine and mimicking the artists’ styles and caricatures there, which led him to attend art schools, summer art programs and eventually a major in fine arts at the University of Michigan. It was after graduation with no practical application for his illustration and sculpture that he taught himself digital skills needed to apply his art to people and business: web design and development, then visual interaction design, and last but not least, user experience design.

Brady considers himself a user experience and visual design creative hybrid, a combination of logic and creativity. He combines a creative approach to design and problem solving, a deep understanding of process & methodology, and a dedication to excellence that delivers for clients no matter what size and shape of a project, or what direction it might take. Brady always frames his solutions by drawing from his experience as an artist, visual designer, web developer, and user experience architect.

When Brady isn't wowing our clients with his diverse expertise, he may be found playing catch with his boys, basting meats with a superfluous amount of sauce on his grill (even in the dead of winter), floating somewhere on Lake Winnipesaukee or submitting cartoons to Boston publications.

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