Ben Rogers

Ben Rogers

Senior Experience Designer

Ben has mastered the delicate balance between childhood and adulthood by continuing to approach life as someone who loves to learn, listen, and ask questions. Being a dad to four children keeps him young at heart and always ready to sharpen his UX design skills, courtesy of time playing games and building with Legos.

He is passionate about making a meaningful impact in society through good design. Ben chose his professional path based on his desire to help others as a problem-solver and teacher.

As a Senior Experience Designer at Mad*Pow, Ben leverages his expertise in user-centered design to drive user delight and added business value for clients.

When he’s not debating the merits of the Avengers versus Star Wars with his kids, Ben spends his free time doodling, listening to electronic music or taking in the great outdoors with a jog, a hike, or on his bike.

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