Amy Brown Weber

Amy Weber

Business Development Director

As a new team member at Mad*Pow, Amy enthusiastically helps her clients meet challenges. “I love when I’m able to bring an opportunity to my team and we collectively provide a solution. It makes my client’s job easier and it brings new experiences and learnings to my team.”

Her career thus far includes business development roles at GYK Antler & Big Brick Productions, Full Contact Advertising, Connelly Partners and Arnold Worldwide. She graduated from Hamilton College with a bachelor’s degree in communications and economics.

“After a dozen years in creative services, I've found that I really enjoy design that makes people feel something – creating a connection between brand and human. I'm excited to use that design connection to create behavior change for the better.”

For Amy, time with family is always a priority – either at the park, on a walk, or out for fun meals. She loves cooking and trying new recipes. She also admits to having a weak spot for a fun pair of shoes.

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