Adam Heroux

Adam Heroux

Client Experience Director

Adam doesn't consider himself a designer, but he can certainly talk the talk. He's been working with designers of media and user interfaces for over twenty years and has been fascinated by how media, messaging and technology can complement and enhance one other for even longer. He loves understanding the key concepts powering a brand or a campaign and seeing them come to life in a way that benefits consumers and clients alike.

Working on the account side of the business, Adam wears many different hats. He not only shows a deep understanding for who our clients are, but also the expertise and disciplines of the talented people they work with. Adam really thrives when everyone is working from the same point of understanding, it makes it so much easier to deliver on expectations. The best moments are when a project is being successfully tested with it's intended audience.

Outside of his work weeks, Adam is actively involved in the community theater both on stage in a speaking role and as a playwright. Putting on a good show shares a lot of similarities with key principles of user design: what's the right way to deliver a message? How do you use the environment to express the tone you're trying to convey? How is the audience responding? And what's the right way to work with your collaborators to ensure you're all on the same page? When it all comes together, nothing beats the applause of a thankful crowd at the end of the show or the beaming smile of a happy client at the end of a project.

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