Experience Strategy
& Service Design

Enabling new experiences by connecting business
strategy with design strategy

Effectively bringing new innovations to life is more than just one person sketching an idea on an napkin. Successfully achieiving new ways of interacting with customers requires alignment of entire organizations, visualizing and communicating new ideas, and planning for all components of a service delivery. Mad*Pow makes the connection between business models and design direction. 

A Strong Vision Catalyzes Innovation

We find that visualizing ideal experiences is key to developing ideas and generating consensus on new solutions. We leverage a variety of innovation methods and experience design deliverables to inspire teams and ensure alignment. Design-thinking workshops, journey maps, service blueprints, and other other narrative materials illustrate positive, customer-centric change.

Mapping Back-end to Front-end Enables Change

Innovative experiences don’t live in a vacuum. To deliver those unique, compelling experiences, we need to understand the interplay of all the components in the system. By mapping back-stage actions and understanding technology, policy, and services, we can enable organizations to bring those experiences to life. 

"At Mad*Pow, we like to embed strategists within customers' daily routines. We might get certification to be in an operating room so we can stand next to surgeons as they go through a procedure. It's intense, it's fun and it often provides a window into the realities of a business model or service."

Sample Experience Strategy & Service Design Activities

Journey Mapping

Visualizing a person’s journey across the lifecycle of an experience helps identify opportunities and pain points.

Operational Planning

Understanding and detailing the “back-stage” components required to deliver great experiences.

Service Design

Beyond an interface, designing the entirety of an experience - refining existing services, or creating new ones.

Multi Touch-Point Planning

Developing a strategy for delivering and maintaining experience and content across multiple channels and touch-points.

Service Blueprints

Structured documentation of physical components, staff operations, and infrastructure needs to deliver a service.

Solution Roadmapping

Providing strategic plans and actionable next steps to align teams around a common path forward.