Social Impact

Social impact is more than just the domain of corporate responsibility, nonprofits and NGOs – it’s a mission we’re on to create a more equitable world that is good for business, and good for people.

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Ethical Guidelines for Designers

The Designer’s Oath is a tool that helps multidisciplinary teams define the ethical guidelines of their engagements. Designers are responsible for creating more than ever before and with this increased influence, we must take a step back and recognize the responsibility we have to those we design for.

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“Designing for an increasingly uncertain future requires us to deliver products, services, and experiences that are more flexible, equitable, and sustainable. The organizations that proactively embrace this challenge will be the ones to lead the next century of innovation.”

Purpose-driven Design Delivers Social Impact

Nearly two decades ago, Will Powley, Amy Heymans, and Brad Honeyman invented a strategic design consultancy that would create motivating digital experiences with a purpose. They surrounded themselves with passionate professionals: strategists, designers, behavior change experts, researchers, technologists, and creative thinkers who believe purpose-driven design can positively affect lives and the world we live in.

Today, that’s called Social Impact. In 2000, the founders thought of it as “the company we want to keep.”

Mad*Pow’s nearly 100 employees collaborate with clients to attack real-world problems through strategic design and the psychology of motivation. For the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, it was creation of a web-based game to help young military recruits come to grips with new financial realities and pitfalls. For Truth, it resulted in the digital transformation of the country’s #1 smoking cessation program. 

We have crafted programs to deal with opioid addiction. We sponsored an industry-wide challenge to create a Health Care Bill You Can Understand working alongside the US Department of Health and Human Services, and we led the creation of the global Designer’s Oath code of ethics.

Our lifeblood is solving the business challenges faced by clients, with our eyes firmly focused on the social ramifications.

It’s what drives us.

It’s what makes us Mad*Pow.

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