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It is more important than ever for leaders and change makers across the health ecosystem to envision and deliver innovative experiences and compelling digital solutions to motivate and engage people, while producing positive health outcomes and measurable business impact.

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Human-centered design and emerging technology combine to deliver improved health and business impact.

Consumers, Patients & Caregivers

Immersive research with our clients develops a rich understanding of consumer, patient, and caregiver needs. Working collaboratively, we  transform identified gaps and opportunities into an experience that delivers value in the context of real life, supports positive interactions across all touchpoints, and ultimately delivers healing, wellbeing, optimal health, and vibrancy.

Government & Non-Profit

With our comprehensive understanding of social determinants of health, we work with government agencies and non-profit organizations to design evidence-based interventions, communications programs, and digital solutions that improve health literacy, guide decision making, motivate behavior change, and deliver improved health outcomes at the individual and population level.

Health Insurers

There is tremendous opportunity to help people select, understand, and get the most out of their plan, find the right care, and deliver modern consumer experiences that support navigation and improve health and wellbeing. We partner with payers to re-imagine the way their members, brokers, and providers interact with them, designing new products and introducing new service models that improve acquisition, retention, HEDIS, Stars, and NPS and other business-critical measures.

Health Systems & ACOS

In partnership with health systems, we innovate patient experiences, reduce caregiver burden, and deliver programmatic interventions focused on health outcomes improvement. We harness the potential of emerging technology and balance it with the reality of human need -- directing transformation efforts toward cultural change, process improvement, experience innovation, self-service solutions, population health management, and care coordination.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences organizations are exploring how design, innovation, and technology can help connect with consumers in new and exciting ways. Leveraging the psychology of motivation, we design digital companion therapies that improve patient experience, engagement, adherence, and outcomes. We support transformation and innovation efforts through organizational design focused on evolving teams, process, and culture, so new models can be explored, measured, and delivered.

Retail & Digital Health

How do we deliver health 24/7 where people live, work, and play? With our clients, we envision and deliver health experiences that take place in retail environments, workplaces, homes, and on mobile devices -- connecting people with the information, products, services, and human relationships they need to heal and flourish. We target interventions on behaviors that will deliver better health in the real world, including mood, sleep, nutrition, activity, therapy adherence, relationships, and social support.

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The annual HXD conference provides a unique crossroads for a diverse community of creators, practitioners, researchers, and developers, to help accelerate the transformation of our health system. Attracting over 500 visionaries across the health ecosystem, this event is created to drive real world change. Check out videos from the 2021 event including CNN's Chief Medical Correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta's keynote "The State of Health."

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The Center for Health Experience Design (CHXD) is a community that is designed to foster connection across the health ecosystem. It is only by working together that we can solve the toughest health challenges.

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“The pandemic’s massive disruption is simultaneously providing an enormous opportunity to rethink healthcare. We help our clients across the health ecosystem to navigate this change and co-create human-centered solutions that build towards a more equitable and accessible future of health.”

Designing Revolutionary Health Experiences Since 2000

We understand the intricate and complex health ecosystem of government agencies, life sciences, insurance companies, hospitals, non-profits, patients, caregivers, and doctors. Since 2000, our team has leveraged strategic design and the psychology of motivation to create groundbreaking solutions for each area of this ecosystem. Our passion, combined with decades of experience in health, gives us the unique ability to see opportunities for engagement and improvement where others see only obstacles.

Whether we are helping insurers deliver better service to their members, creating experiences to guide patients through their navigation of the system, designing platforms where clinicians collaborate around care and treatment, or partnering with a digital health company to bring vision to life, we have a mission: deliver behavior change, positive health outcomes, social impact, and business results. 

Our work is rooted in research, grounded in a collaborative approach, and guided by the true empathy we have developed through thousands of interviews with the real humans who sit at the center of this environment. 

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