Why You Need A Social Worker On Your UX Design Team

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As technology becomes more ubiquitous, I have become increasingly interested it in how it integrates with our lives. If you follow me you know I have a tremendous fascination with Health Information Technology and other apps for health/mental health. In testing things out for the blog and using my own electronic health record at work has me asking questions.

With this has come an increased interest in how they are built. I have recently become a little more skeptical that tech can fix “all the things” in healthcare. Sometimes things just fall into tech, for technology’s sake. This is due to poor design. I have also begun to think about design for things like finance and the “smart city” movement.

My overall interest in technology has led me to how it is designed and how users experience them. Hence my increased interest in UX or “User Experience” Design. For those of you who don’t know User Experience is defined well by The Interaction design Foundation…

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