Mike WoodardSVP of Creative Technology

Mike’s been immersed in digital technologies ever since Santa left a Commodore-128 under the Christmas tree for him back in 1986. He’s been leading Mad*Pow’s merry band of creative technologists – aka hybrid designer/developers – since 2007.

Mike has an innate knack for understanding the complete experience design process. His project involvement of choice ranges from pure visionary pieces, to implementations of complicated technical solutions. Mike gets passionate about long-term web projects that never really end, prophesying and implementing performance improvements for clients, utilizing statistical analysis and multivariate testing to truly prove value.

Mike has helped Mad*Pow pioneer a strategy that focuses holistically on modern, cross-platform web development. He envisions a new world, where we’ve been set free from our desktops, and can leave those dark corners, exploring and interacting with a new technology-augmented reality. We are literally guided by things like Google’s street-view and other phenomena previously imagined only in science fiction. Adoption of these new technologies has given birth to important new processes, including responsive web design and mobile-first design. These approaches highlight the need for Mad*Pow’s unique hybrid force of creators. Mike’s team is equally adept at both coding technical solutions and creating and maintaining the integrity of beautiful designs that are compatible with the ever-expanding range of devices on which we view them.

Mike joined us after nearly a decade in the satellite network management industry, where he served as Newpoint Technologies’ webmaster, graphic designer and marketing administrator. Mike holds a BS in Technical Management from Southern New Hampshire University. When not solving technical problems with creative solutions, you can find him searching for fresh powder lines to carve or working on his award winning 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle muscle car. You know the kind. You can feel the engine humming in your throat before you see it drive by. Judging by his driving record, it’s a very good thing that this car only sees the open road when the sun is cranked up to high.

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