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The Mad*Pow Research team is a human factors research, design, and testing organization serving corporate and government clients. Through the application of user-centered research and design techniques, we help clients improve the usability and accessibility of technology products and enhance the quality of user experiences. We focus our efforts on the high-value aspects of the user experience that most significantly affect profitability and user satisfaction. The result is a tailored development effort where resources are directed towards the elements of a given concept, prototype, product, or system that are most critical to business success

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We are one of the only commercially available human factors research organizations in the United States that routinely incorporates persons with cognitive, physical or age-related disabilities into ethnographic, remote-, lab-, and field-based studies. In addition, our research frequently involves populations that include, among others, non-native English speakers, persons with low literacy skills, children and teens, and research abroad (primarily Asia and Europe).

In order to safeguard and facilitate communication with study participants who have physical or cognitive disabilities, we maintain partnerships with interpretation, translation, and accessibility communications professionals whom we can engage as needed. These include specialists in American Sign Language (ASL), signed English, tactile signing, CART stenography, RF broadcast equipment, document Brailing, and the use of other relevant assistive technologies.

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We pride ourselves on maintaining longstanding partnerships with clients that result in the cultivation of deep domain knowledge within our staff. This in turn enhances our ability to fully support our clients’ development of domain-specific, user-centered, best-in-class products that have far-reaching impact, meet regulatory approval, and provide a dramatic return on investment. Our experiences over the last ten years in the healthcare realm with GE Healthcare, Pfizer, Aetna, Cleveland Clinic, Johnson & Johnson, and numerous healthcare providers and medical device manufacturers provide relevant examples of areas where continued partnership has resulted in a unique depth of domain expertise pertaining to healthcare delivery, accessibility, federal and international medical device regulations, assistive technologies, accessibility coding and development techniques, as well as the unique information needs of persons who have one or more disabilities.

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