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Empathy is the key component within Mad*Pow's interaction and visual design approaches. We get into the minds of our defined audiences and design experiences based upon their strengths and more importantly, their challenges. Our research informs our teams with the knowledge necessary to create the most delightful interactions possible.

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Our interaction and visual design teams stand apart from other agencies because we employ several 'Pegacorns,' a term of endearment we use to describe the multi-faceted skill sets that our designers possess. These hybrid skill sets include combinations of visual design, responsive web design, experience design, front-end development, illustration, animation, and project leadership. Our unique combination of skills enables us to keep up-to-date with new trends and allows each designer to bring a wealth of diversity, individual style, and passion to the creative process.

Mad*Pow is adept at designing for either agile, responsive, or traditional waterfall approaches. We embed our creative teams as visual design leaders early in a project's life cycle in order to establish deep business knowledge prior to creating initial concepts. Once a conceptual direction is chosen, Mad*Pow continues the research effort to refine our concepts by performing usability and desirability testing whenever possible to ensure that what we've created will be effective when it hits the marketplace.

Your designed solutions will align with your business drivers, your brand, and delight your users. We love the challenges that our clients bring to the table, and look forward to making your experiences stand out within your industry.


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