Designing for Mental Health

Nearly one in five Americans experience mental illness, yet many UX designers lack the necessary training to effectively design for those struggling with mental health.

Let’s change that.

As UX designers, strategists, and behavioral scientists, we’re working on an initiative to improve access, reduce stigma, and leverage digital technologies to enable innovative and effective treatment experiences. The first step we’ve taken is creating the following guidelines for designing in the mental health space.


Mental Health Design

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Join us to learn more:

  • CHXD Workshop: Designing for Mental Health, March 8th
  • HxD 2018, June 21 and 22nd  


Additional resources:

Guidelines and Recommendations

  • FEDM: requirements for formatting content to be easily understood by patients with severe illnesses
  • App Evaluation Model: the American Psychiatric Association’s recommendations for providers to consider when selecting apps to recommend for treatment


Groups and Centers

  • Positive Computing: the design and development of technology to support wellbeing and human potential
  • Center for Technology and Behavioral Help: a center dedicated to informing and enhancing technology-based interventions for substance-use and related disorders
  • SMART: the School of Mental Health Assessment, Research, and Training
  • Mobile Mental Health: Navigating New Rules and Regulations for Digital Tools


Papers and Testing

  • Development and Usability Testing of FOCUS: A Smartphone System for Self-Management of Schizophrenia
  • Designing eHealth Applications to Reduce Cognitive Effort for Persons With Severe Mental Illness: Page Complexity, Navigation Simplicity, and Comprehensibility
  • Utilizing a Personal Smartphone Custom App to Assess the Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (PHQ-9) Depressive Symptoms in Patients With Major Depressive Disorder
  • Mobile Mental Health: Navigating New Rules and Regulations for Digital Tools



By: Jennifer Smerdel, Marli Mesibov

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Contributed by:
Jennifer Smerdel Experience Strategist

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