The Most Advanced Understanding of How to Optimize Motivation

Where to you get the energy to do something hard or inconvenient? It matters because so much of what’s important in life comes from finding that strength. The topic of the discussion in this podcast is motivation, which can be described as the activation energy needed to do most-to-all volitional activities. Specifically, we’ll be discussing the leading behavior model of motivation called Self-Determination Theory. Like most complex subjects, motivation is NOT a monolithic entity, although it’s usually referred to as if it were. Rather, there are different types of motivation, and these different types have different affects on behavior. The good news is that with a greater understanding of the subject, you can better strategize when to use the specific types and, ultimately, how to use various the types together to stay engaged with something that is important but hard or inconvenient (like so much of health), long term.

Today’s guest is Dustin DiTommaso. He is an Adjunct Professor of Behavior Change Design at Rhode Island School of Design, and the Senior Vice President of Behavior Change Design at the design firm, Mad*Pow. His work involves the study and application of behavioral science, motivational psychology and human-computer interaction to the design of technology-assisted behavior change interventions and products. Dustin is a founding member of the U.S. Behavioral Science and Policy Association and sits on the Scientific Committee at University College London’s Centre for Behavior Change as well as the European Health Futures Forum.

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By: Dustin DiTommaso

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