Distinguishing Thomson CompuMark as the industry leader

As a leading provider of powerful trademark services, Thomson CompuMark, a Thomson Reuters company, had the opportunity to be the first to market with a tablet application that would allow trademark agents and attorneys to analyze trademark clearance and infringement reports on the go. Leveraging experience with rapid collaborative design methods and expertise in tablet interactions, Mad*Pow worked with Thomson CompuMark to design a modern tablet experience that supports a variety of customer contexts and showcases Thomson CompuMark as a leader in their space.

Project highlights:

  • Design studio permits full review
  • Interactive prototypes allows the client to experience the product

Simple and Synced Mobile, Anytime, Anywhere

Thomson CompuMark’s desktop application for trademark analysis was already a success, but had grown in complexity. The challenge for creating a tablet version was to integrate functionality from the full-screen version into a simple and elegant tablet experience. Additionally, the tablet version was specifically intended for supporting customers working in the mobile and offline contexts, so the application needed to support offline syncing and tagging for follow up. A design studio with Mad*Pow and Thomson CompuMark allowed the team to quickly evaluate a number of design alternatives, ensure that we considered all perspectives, and define overall interaction paradigms.

Fast and Efficient Tablet Experience

Based on early research, we knew that customers envisioned the multi-page analysis reports as analogous to paper reports, and expected to review them as they would a paper report. Using interactive prototypes to “feel” the experience, Mad*Pow worked with Thomson CompuMark to assess the user experience and technical implications of different reading paradigms on a tablet. The resulting design leverages a scrolling page per record for ease and consistency, and an overall indicator between records to allow customers to track their progress.

A Clean, Modern Look

Just being first to market was not enough for Thomson CompuMark. They knew that a modern style and aesthetic would have an emotional impact on their audience in addition to aiding usability. We worked through a series of design iterations to develop a style and component set that built on the existing brand guidelines and delivered a high-contrast, clean look.

Leading the Industry

Leveraging the interaction patterns and styles set forth by Mad*Pow, the Thomson CompuMark team was able to get the application to market quickly and achieve excellent customer ratings in the app store. The application anticipates the evolving needs of customers, positioning Thomson CompuMark as the continuing leader in the trademark analysis business.

Client Quotes

“The quality of Mad*Pow’s design made our job for deployment so much easier. They were truly a partner in the process.” – Paul Doncaster, Thomson CompuMark

“We were excited to show the new application at our latest tradeshow and hear all the positive reaction. That’s exactly the type of response we were looking for a with a modern, sophisticated design.” – Viji Krishnan, Thomson CompuMark


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Thomson Reuters
Distinguishing Thomson CompuMark as the industry leader


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