Delighting Hotel Guests before They Walk in the Door

In the hospitality industry, guests — especially frequent travelers — expect a consistently high level of service, whether they “interfacing” in person or digitally. Starwood knew their Call Center application was falling short to the frustration of both the customer service team and their guests. Mad*Pow was hired to redesign the app to deliver a superior performance, including speed, efficiency and updated features, such as a new messaging platform.

Project Highlights

  • Agile development project
  • Close integration with client team
  • Macro design view resulting in thoughtful story design
  • Multi-stage project

Taking a Look inside Daily Operations

Associates of Starwood Hotels’ Call Center were frustrated. After years of ad-hoc upgrades to their Call Center app (called Saratoga), it no longer kept pace with new workflow patterns and guest demands. The dated app was slow, hard to navigate and took reps’ attention away from guests on the other end of the line.

Mad*Pow worked closely with Starwood to glean as much information about the hotelier’s day-to-day operations as possible. We quickly discovered that Call Center reps struggled with their outdated call center app. Relevant reservation and guest information appeared in different, tiny windows, all jumbled together on one screen. Finding the right information was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Rethinking Guest Interaction through Thoughtful Design

Following a traditional agile development methodology and making extensive use of the Design Studio, the Mad*Pow team worked through each functional area of the app. We first took a macro view of the design, then created thoughtful design stories for each functional area, gradually updating and morphing Saratoga to become a newer, better version of itself.

Now, when reps use the app, they no longer have to search through multiple screens to find the information they need. The right information is front and center, letting reps focus on making guests happy. The designs are both useful and usable for Call Center reps. But more than that, Mad*Pow has helped Starwood think about its guest interaction in a different and positive way.

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Delighting Hotel Guests before They Walk in the Door


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