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Brand Creation for Healthcare Start-Up

Getting a startup company off the ground can be a tricky business, especially in the healthcare industry. Mad*Pow’s startup client, Perfect Health, wanted to launch a radically different kind of healthcare company, built from the ground up. Perfect Health would offer people with limited resources and significant health needs a range of services — primary care, specialty care coordination, urgent care, coaching, and help with transportation, environmental factors, and other barriers to health – in a warm, genuine, empathetic manner. The company’s founders knew that to stand out from other cold and sterile health care organizations, they needed a brand and visual identity that would reflect their key differentiators. Mad*Pow took on the challenge to give Perfect Health the perfect visual identity that would encourage patients to join, providers to work with the company, and payers to partner with it.

Project Highlights:

  • Started from scratch: engaged with client that only had a name and a vision
  • Created a visual identity that stands out from the sea of blue and green of other health care companies
  • Developed a robust, yet simple web site the client can manage and update on its own

The Patient Experience

To better understand the business context for Perfect Health, Mad*Pow began by speaking with stakeholders including the company’s executives, investors, and potential physician partners. We also held a workshop with patients and physicians to hear their stories and identify keywords that would define the Perfect Health patient experience: helpful, genuine, communal, strong, smart and caring. Mad*Pow used this research to develop a patient experience brief that summarized Perfect Health’s differentiators, its key audiences, and core messages.

From Mood Board to Web Site

To create the client’s new visual identity, Mad*Pow started by developing mood boards that presented options for the brand look and feel, including color choices, imagery, and early logo designs. After several design iterations, the client chose a logo design and wasted no time printing it on business cards, banners, water bottles and other items for all the world to see. Development of the client’s web site followed a similar path, starting with rough sketches and wireframes before moving to responsive design mockups that we tested with key stakeholders to get feedback on usability and look and feel. Once initial design work was completed, Mad*Pow delivered a fully functional website built on WordPress, making it easy for the client to manage and update the site on their own.

Mad*Pow worked closely with Perfect Health’s founders throughout the design and development process, with many iterations along the way. And just like a parent eager to show off a new baby, we were thrilled to see Perfect Health launch its business with a brand foundation that set the company up for success.

Perfect Health operated its clinics in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Boston throughout 2015, and has since paused operations to bring their holistic, patient-centric approach into a larger health system.

Client Quote

"Thank you very much for all of your hard work, creativity and patience. The logo and website we have designed together are terrific." -Doug Thompson, Perfect Health President & CEO

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Perfect Health
Brand Creation for Healthcare Start-Up


Perfect Health
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